Saturday, September 26, 2009

A/C is out, and other excuses...

Our upstairs A/C unit has finally rebelled and died. The guy who's supposed to come to diagnose the problem won't be here until Wednesday, so we get to enjoy the next few hot days here in the southeast with an oven for a bedroom. My treadmill and stationary bike are also upstairs, so I am now going round-3 with myself about how much I really want to get a good, really sweaty workout in today. (Or the next few days, for that matter).

I opened all of the windows last night, assuming that the overnight temperature would drop lower than the 84 degrees my thermostat was registering. We all went to bed with very little on, and left all bed covers at our feet. By 4 a.m., it had actually cooled enough (78, wooohooo!) for me to pull my top sheet over my well-insulated body.

My youngest daughter is a mainstay in our bed, and last night almost changed that. She is one hot little sucker. And she has the propensity to drape her sizzling little legs over me (she's done this since her babyhood). My husband and I spent the better part of the night tossing her back and forth like the hot potato she was. At one point (when I looked over and saw him half-draped off his side of our king sized bed, in an attempt to avoid contact with the spud) I took pity on him, and pulled our personal heater back toward the middle of the bed. I had enjoyed my moments of splayed arms-and legs-cooling, and felt guilty enough to share the wealth of our sleeping real estate.

This entire situation reminds me of the semester I spent in Europe. The family with whom I lived, like most in their country, had no A/C and no screens. The last few weeks of Spring ushered in one heck of a record-breaking heat wave, and I got to decide between being eaten alive by bugs while I slept, or waking up in the morning, medium-well. I chose the bugs, but waited to open the window until after my insect-attracting lights were turned off. This helped a little, but I still had many critters who visited my room at night.

Remembering that time of my life, I find new perspective: be grateful for the screens in our windows, a wonderful family I get to suffer with, and get my rear end on my bike and sweat on purpose. And pray for clouds.


  1. Wow, I could use some of that heat! It was freezing where I live today! Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I appreciate them very much. =) Wishing you cooler days!

  2. My little one likes to come in during the winter and put her feet on my back to warm then. My husband and I take turns flipping our little ice cube. I am the only one in our family with good circulation so I was the warming pillow. I am starting to lose my padding though. lol. Hope you get the ac fixed soon.

  3. I'm sending snow ******

    5-10 lbs ... now how easy is that eh?
    WE CAN DO IT!!!

  4. You didn't tell me about this! You totally cracked me up with your "hot potato" and "spud" analogy. :)

  5. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    I feel for you with out the A/C. It is not that hot here anymore but I am not one who handles the heat well. I think 70* all year round would be perfect but maybe 68* just because I dont like to sweat.
    My oldest daughter was a hot potato too. She liked to climb into bed with up for a long time and still does time to time, but man we dont need the blankets if she is there. She runs around in tank tops, shorts and no socks even in the coldest part of the year.
    Hot blooded kids:)

  6. I can't imagine being without ac, especially when we lived in Florida!

    I have to say that none of our kids ever climb into bed with us. They just yell and we go sit with them!