Sunday, March 28, 2010

Check This Out!

So if you don't post and entry to your blog in, oh, FOREVER, then your weight may have changed significantly since your last diatribe. Hopefully, this change is for the better. And for me? I noticed I'd lost nearly 7 pounds!

This is such a good thing, because I need a boost lately. Not so much to my eating and exercise plan, but to my mood. A big change to a weight ticker is a nice little nudge.

I've gotten a few comments lately from friends, which has been gratifying. It's kinda funny to watch them struggle. The skinny ones always have a harder time with this. "You look great! I mean, have you...um. You look really good!!" This is where I can choose to help them out and volunteer, "Thanks, yes, (to answer the question you couldn't bring yourself to actually ask) I have lost a bit of weight."

The pastor at our church has gone on a big diet, which he's posting details about on his Facebook page AND a blog. Last month the man lost 25 pounds. This morning I told him that I'm happy for him and all, but it's just not fair. I kill myself (odd, I put it that way, since I'm treating my body better than ever before, eh?) to lose 7 or so, and he peels off almost 4 times that. But I'm glad he's posting about his success, because I try not to make comments about men's appearances as a general rule, so he's helping me side-skirt that by talking numbers. Numbers are good.

Now to something that has me really optimistic: a friend I've been sitting next to in a Bible study for months now (and who is funny as all get out, and has such a good heart), just sort of blurted out that she has had an eating disorder in the past, and is so stuck trying to lose weight now. She and I are the only two in our group who need to drop weight, and I assume that's why she opened up to me about it. But I'm SO excited! Not because she struggles as I do, but that we know about eachother now, and can support eachother. We've already planned to go walking a couple of times a week together. Now we can chat and burn fat. What more could a woman want? That was a stupid question now that I think of it: a size 6 swimming suit that looks good on, calorie-free chocolate, and my BFF local instead of 7 hours away...those would be nice too :)

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  1. Congratulations on the seven pounds! What a success. I'm still bobbing around, not losing much, but this is inspiring.