Saturday, April 10, 2010

Me, the Hovercraft

The dreaded plateau has struck again. I know it'll pass, but the waiting is a real pain in the neck. I keep dreaming of nasty things I can do to my scale if it refuses to budge one more morning...death by water, putting batteries in with the plus/minus sides backwards, dropping from a two-story window?

Other than a hefty meal at a Mexican restaurant the other night, my food has been pristine, my work-outs beefy, and my mind clear. I'm ready for the 70's folks!

I have made a list of rewards for each 10-lb increment lost. I ran out of originality and had to repeat a couple:

170: new swim suit
160: massage
150: eye-lash dye (weird, I know)
140: outfit, or a couple of shirts
130: massage

My husband has promised to buy a new bridal set for me when I reach my goal. I get the band to go with the solitaire when I've maintained my new weight for at least a few months. I have clothes for all of these sizes, because I've been in the 120's since having both of my girls...but it'll be nice to by some new stylish stuff to wear out and about.

I'd love to cash in some of these rewards, if only I'd quit hoviering right around 180....

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  1. Hmmmmmmm...we better plan on a big post Christmas shopping spree! :)