Thursday, October 14, 2010

Will Run For Gadgets

Or, more specifically, for running gadgets!

I am all set for the race (running gear-wise). I was putting my iPod in an armband to run, but when I recently switched to an iPhone (which is bigger), I was in a real pickle. I have the phone in a protective case that's a real pain to remove, so I went on a hunt for a belt with a pouch, and I found that cute little Spibelt!
It doesn't bounce around on my waist, whether I have it on my stomach or turned around to my back, and it could hold money and a key if I really needed it.
Also pictured is my heart-rate monitor. I had a Polar once upon a time, and also another brand which recently quick working. I really wanted a new one, but didn't want to spend much, so $35 was my total for this Timex. It seems to work like a charm, except when I'm on my treadmill ;) I guess there's too much interference... But where I really need it is outside anyway, so I can't complain. It's doing a great job of helping me stay at a decent pace; no slacking, no over-doing it.
My last, but not pictured, and favorite gadget of all? My iPhone. More specifically, the NikePlus app that I have on it. I just downloaded it before my last run, and was I in for a treat, or what?!!
Since I happen to live a street away from where the 6K I'll be doing next week is located, I've been running the exact route for practice. I'd mapped out the mile markers in my car so I could check on my pace.
Well, this NikePlus thing does it all for me. It tells me (through the music that I have playing) when I've hit each mile, and what my pace is. When I'm all done, I can look at a map of where I ran, what the elevation was, and what my pace was at different points. My girls got a big kick out of looking at all of this on the computer when I got home.
I was so inspired, I ran an extra mile just for fun. They were calories well earned, because my best girl-buddies and I went out to eat at an Italian place last night, and I ate my fair share.
I didn't plan on running much after this 6K, but I've heard of this little race down at Disney World (the Princess Half-Marathon) and I'm interested. With the Nike app, my training, if I decide to go for it, sure would be more fun to do.
Question for those of you with feet :)
Are there shoes that you prefer for running? Anything I should know about running shoes, specifically? I have a pair of New Balance that I'll use for the next month or so, but I probably should start looking around for a new pair.


  1. I like all the gadgets! Sounds pretty cool.
    My old phone (one I dropped in the dishwater) used to tell me distance ran, average speed and other misc. I miss it, my new phone doesn't do anything useful for running except play music. I may have to check into the iphone and the app you have, it sounds great.

    When it comes to shoes, if your going to run a half-marathon go check out a running store. There are sooo many differnt shoes and everyone fits them differently. We have a running store here that has you run on a treadmill for a few minutes and they videotape your feet then they can see how your feet move and what would be best for you.

    Have fun!

  2. I just want to say thank you for your last comment on my blog. It was so sweet and really hit home. You really motivated me.


  3. I love gadgets too! Sounds like you are prepared. I have a blackberry and I use it when I run too!

  4. I love gadgets, I can't run without my garmin ;0).
    For shoes I went to the Running Room and actually got fitted for shoes, best thing I ever did. It did end up costing a bit more, but I'm on pair two and even went with the same brand.