Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Weigh Less Than My Husband Now

And it feels Grea-aaaat! (I see Tony the Tiger in my mind's eye right about here).

He's a pretty lean guy (my husband, not Tony), so it's harder for me to pull this off than a lot of women, so I'm giving myself some crazy credit right about now.

I've switched around my food a little bit and have been reading about becoming "metabolically efficient" when I run, and I think it is all paying off. So off we go for Thanksgiving, and I hope to come back in a few days the same weight or even a bit lighter. I'll not be going crazy at the Thanksgiving table. My version of "crazy" will be having some mashed potatoes when I ordinarily would not. That and a slice of pumpkin pie shall grace my lips. But I'm actually really looking forward to the turkey. We may talk my folks into trying a deep fried turkey this year, and if all goes well, and the house is still standing, I may have a nice pile of turkey on my plate :)

Since I doubt I'll be blogging before we get back, I have to take the time now to share a list of things for which I am very grateful:
  • Knowing and being known by God; being given the free gift of salvation, which I truly do not deserve
  • Parents who have always taken care of me and my needs; with great depths of love on top of it
  • A husband who puts up with my moods and who is faithful, hardworking, funny, and very, very, kind. He is truly the love of my life and I love our life together
  • Two precious girls who make me laugh and smile. They are healthy, and that alone is a cause for tremendous thanksgiving. They have made me a better person, and allowed me to get an idea of how much God must love me.
  • A safe home and good food to eat, warmth when it's cold, and cooling when it's hot. Flowers along my front sidewalk and Japanese Maples that always make me smile. Four very hairy, shedding cats who add tons of spice to our lives.
  • Friends. A sweet long-time best friend who knows about all of my 'warts' and still loves me. And a group of Bible study friends who make me laugh until I pee in my pants, and then pray for me when I'm broken.

When I read through that list, I am so full of gratitude it almost makes me cry. I know there will be dark times in my life again when it's hard to praise my Creator; but while it's easy in the midst of this abundance, I can't help but want to scream this list from the top of the glorious mountains we're going to visit this week.

As I don't want to embarrass my parents in front of their neighbors, my little blog will have to do ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!


  1. I'm so so happy for you. i know exactly what you feel now and is so happy for you. Enjoy the feeling

  2. What a great victory for you! Have a terrific Thanksgiving!

    ~South Beach Steve

  3. I realized the other day that I am almost 100 lbs lighter than my husband now. When I started I was 40 pounds heavier...now, I have only lost 110 lbs so that means he gained some. But it feels good to be petite...
    btw. How many calories a day do you eat? You weigh about 10 lbs less than me or so....

  4. Congratulations on your amazing success! =)

    What a GREAT feeling, indeed!