Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cat on the Treadmill

They're nimble, they're quick, but apparently they're not as smart as we once thought.

My cats each seem to need to figure out on their own, that treadmills have a tendency to shoot an unsuspecting feline across the room when the lady of the house is pounding away on the machine.

While otherwise fine, our boy cat's ego is probably a little damaged. Some good snuggling later ought to cure what ails him.

I, on the other hand, am elated :) I spent about 40 minutes sweating on my electric dust collector, and used a broad range of speeds and inclines to keep up to the beat of one of my old Cranberries albums. I saw my heart rate reach 163 at one point! The readout declared that I burned about 300 calories, which is about twice what I ate for breakfast, so I burned 140 calories of pure fat!!

My first goal is to see 190 on my scale by the end of September, and I am now at least a small fraction of the way there.

1 comment:

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