Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wee Little Lie

So I don't really have 100 pounds to go until I reach my goal (thank the Lord), but I did back in February. On my 5' 3 1/2" frame, 220 pounds do not look pretty. They don't feel pretty either, and I'm not putting up with it anymore! I've been making this up as I go, but I've been doing something right, because I don't have 100 pounds to lose anymore.

I only have 77. Ugh.

But, I am forever an optimist, and I'm loaded with determination, so if it takes me a decade, I will do it. But more importantly, I will maintain the loss. If/when I post pics, they'll be doctored. I won't airbrush away fat rolls and hail damage, but I will probably chop off my head. I know too many people who do not need to know the intimate details of my life, so anonymity is going to be the name of my game. I may even get really paranoid, and take pictures in a dressing room of myself in clothes I don't own, so my wardrobe won't give me away. Maybe I'll have some big fun, and try on really hideous clothes just to lighten the mood until I get down to my goal weight and can really have some fun in a dressing room.

In the mean while, this mom of three young kids, with some big weight to lose, is going to throw the rest of the brownies away so she can make some headway this month.


  1. You're back!!!! So glad to have my Kate back. Give your kiddos hugs and kisses for me- all three of them! Love you! :)