Friday, August 28, 2009

My New Head-Band

A special friend of mine is starting a new chapter in her life as she has a Lap-Band installed today (applied, placed, inserted?). "Installed" sounds like she's getting a new kitchen sink put in, but that's the best word I can dig out of my sugar-binge-recovering brain.

SO, not to be outdone, I'm counting today as my first with my new "headband". The Band for my brain. I need a procedure, but the Lap Band isn't an option for me, so this here Yoga Band will have to suffice.

What will my Band do? Remind me that I need to avoid complacency. I need to exercise. I need to re-read the most inspiring advice that makes so much sense when I don't have a Double Stuff Oreo in my clutches.

I'm not starting over. I am done doing that. Plus, I haven't re-gained more than a few pounds, so I will consider the last few binge-eating days as a wake-up call. WAKE UP!!!!

I have also decided that it is not as much fun to lose at a snail's pace. I am setting 10 pound per month goals for myself, and I will be darned if I don't keep them. It can be done; it's been done before by others, and if I have to drag myself onto my treadmill multiple times in one day, I will not sit at this same stupid weight any longer.

With this new resolve in place, I see that being at my goal weight is possible by next swim season, and I will be in that pool, in a new suit, enjoying the water and sun with my kids. I am done sitting on the side (of the pool, of life...). It's time to jump back in, and I'm heading there with my eyes wide open, head(banded)-first.

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