Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big, Huge, Stinking Bum(mer)

Did my 'weigh myself only once per week' backfire? I stepped on that glorious wretch of a device this morning to find a .2 GAIN!!! What the heck is up with that?

My food was so clean this week. I exercised, I drank water, I ate like a rodent on a rampage. And I was expecting a least a couple of pounds to fall away....Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't just go back to weighing every day; and here's why:

We went to dinner last night at Ruby Tuesdays. I poured over the menu, looking at all of those lovely entrees loaded with cheese, creamy sauces, and tender meats. And I chose the salad bar. THE SALAD BAR. I had 2 or 3 plates loaded with romaine, spinach, chickpeas, soy beans, olives, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, and drizzled with LIGHT dressings. I also ordered their guacamole appetizer, which, by the way, was incredible.

After I was stuffed with salad greens, I ate some of the guacamole. It came with corn chips (I had a couple of hand fulls), salsa, and pico de gallo. It was fabulous, but everyone else was stuffed by the time it came (our server must have thought we wanted it for dessert??) so I probably ate more than I should have, hoping to clean my plate. That darn club won't let me go!

There was just no way I could finish it all, so I ended up packing away about half of it, and they sent us home with a refill of chips.

So the chips were a little salty, and so was the pico. My salad dressings were too, but nothing like the Amy's Tomato soup I had the other day. So, do I get to blame the gain on more salt than I usually eat. Some crazed magnetic pull that effects scale readings in my neighborhood (was there some sort of lunar event recently?). I need something! Anything. To justify this nonsense. Humph. If I had been weighing myself all week, perhaps I would have seen a bit of a loss prior to the salt-scepade.

The worst part of all of this, is that I have a fabulous dinner to go to with my Bible study ladies tonight at the Olive Garden. My plans (prior to my evil-scale-reading-rebellious-thoughts) were to order soup and salad, and then enjoy a small slice of the cheesecake one of the ladies is making for us.

Then I weighed this morning. What do I want now? 10 baskets full of bread sticks all for moi, 3 or 4 bowls full of salad dripping with dressing, the creamiest, cheesiest entree they have, and a HUGE honkin slice of that cake. I obviously need some help. Some prayers. An intervention. A one on one with my Creator. That would be nice :)


  1. you've gotta just relax and not let your minuscule gain set you back several lbs with an olive garden binge.

    just remember your weight fluctuates and it sounds like things might have been extra salty yesterday.

  2. The scale is evil and you shouldn't always believe it. I'm sure the .2 lbs is water or something. I'm praying you find the strength to stay away from 10 baskets full of bread sticks, 3 or 4 bowls full of salad dripping with dressing, the creamiest, cheesiest entree, and a HUGE honkin slice of that cake. Where should I gather for the intervention?

  3. That gain is so tiny that you honestly could just put it on eating that dinner out. Give yourself a couple of days back on clean eating and you will probably see it gone plus more!

    Here's my intervention for you - just say NO!!

    Take care!

  4. I agree with Diane the gain is so small, after reading your entry my first though was salt..hidden salt in all the foods could have caused water retention.

  5. You get to make a choice.

    You can decide that some salt or bloat or body weirdness controls you. You can wear your elastic waist eatin' pants and drive into those bread sticks.

    Or -

    You can decide that you trust that making consistently good choices will work eventually - even if those choices aren't perfect and don't immediately show as a loss.

    It's important to remember that it's your choice. That way next time you get a little bloat, you'll say to yourself. Oh yeah, I'm fully capable of handling this.

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