Friday, May 14, 2010

Bathing Beauty

Well, I won't go so far as to stay that, once I walked through the gate at my BFF's swimming pool, I shocked others with my physique; that men fainted, and women grumbled in jealousy, BUT, I did go to the pool. In something other than capris and a t-shirt.

That has been my usual attire; at least for the last 5 years. I have been ashamed of myself for getting as big as I have, and my poor kids (save one trip to a beach, with the same wonderful friend) haven't gone swimming with me in way too long.

I sucked it up, and sucked it in, and wore a new Land's End suit (tankini with a swim 'mini' skirt, and halter top) in a size 14 on top, 16 on bottom. It wasn't too painful...I even flopped down on a lounge chair to get some vitamin D! Then I got in the VERY chilly water to play with my girls for a little while.

This is big for me. Now, I just have to work up the nerve to get semi-naked (dans la swim suit) at my own pool back home. See, my entire church lives in the same neighborhood that I do, and something about all of those people (the ones whom I should feel most comfortable with seeing all my flaws) getting close-range viewing of my bulges and cellulite just doesn't sound so appealing. So, I'll be working on my courage :)

Now for the REALLY amazing news? I haven't binged. Not once since I left my home to visit dear BFF, seven hours and two states away. This is huge for two reasons: I habitually binge while traveling. I typically take a vacation from food-reality when I take a physical vacation. The second reason, is that BFF and I are long-time, big-time, binge-buddies. It's bad, because we should have been a good influence on each other all these years, but boy we haven't been. I could down a seriously sickening quantity of doughnuts with BFF in my company.

So, not only haven't I binged, but I've worked out twice so far, counted all my calories, downed a zillion portions of veggies, and LOST weight. At least her scale says I have :) I'm hoping mine will sync with hers...And to be real, I give this amazing accomplishment's credit to God. I know it's not me. I'm a sucker for a vacation and my BFF's company around food.

I finally feel like there's serious hope for me. And that is truly huge wonderful-ness :)


  1. I just found your blog, and congrats on all your successes! On your weight loss, going to the pool, and not binging. That's terrific :)

  2. You are doing so AWESOME!!! So happy for you keep it up :)

  3. Congratulations on both of these huge victories! I'm so proud of you for getting in the pool and lounging comfortably. That is a huge step that shows you are feeling confident and secure!!

    And the not bingeing while traveling? That's incredible!!

  4. Wow! I just found your blog and it sounds like congratulations are in order!! I can't wia to read more about your journey!