Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pants on the Ground

Yep, it's happening to me. The ole pants are getting too baggy, and I'm between sizes, so the next size down are just a little bit too snug, and the current ones make me look like Frump Mama.

I'm apparently not the only one who's noticed this. My sweet friend, Lynn lent a pair of her pants to me while I was there for a visit. I'm not sure if this was because she was embarrassed to be seen with me, or because she was worried a stiff wind might cause me to take flight, leaving her with a tricky rescue attempt (or my kids, until my husband arrived in town to take them off her hands...).

It's not just my one pair of over-worn capri pants that are getting too big for my junk-in-the-trunk. My favorite pair of Land's End work-out capris are too. They gradually slide down as I wiggle and shake to the musak at Gold' Gym during group classes. I've found that I must wear matching (black) underwear under them, so the wigglers behind me won't realize that 10 inches of my underpants are peaking out from under my pants.

The underpants/pants phenomenon is something else, isn't it? I mean, the pants fall down, yet the underpants creep up, because there's less butt to cover. So I guess either way you look at it, I'm going to be covered. That is, until my underpants are so big, they fall on the ground too...that guy will have to pen another catchy song just for me then, won't he?


  1. It may be time for suspenders on your underwear!

  2. I love, love, love this! Congratulations on losing your pants. Is a shopping trip in your future or are you going to start using a rope to hold things up??

  3. Hey, congrats on loosing your pants:}
    How many places can you say that and it be a compliment:} lol

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! Your welcome to visit anytime.

    I'll be back to visit here also.