Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can....

And I did. I finished my run in under 40 minutes, and if no one had been around to see, I might just have danced there in the middle of the road for joy! Well that's one reason, but truthfully, I was in no condition to be dancing after that last hill.

I still hate the hills, especially the big one at the end, but it feels so good to see improvement, and I'm definitely going to run that 6K next month. Best part? My BFF is planning a visit, and may run it with me!!!

One thing running is doing for me that's not so great, is making a couple of my classes at the gym seem too easy. Today's was one of those, so I'm thinking I may add an extra set of risers under my step next week.

Another big bonus of running, along with all of the hard work I've been doing at the gym? Jillian is not so scary anymore ;) I did the first level of The Shred many months ago, and didn't put that disc back in my player again, until a couple of days ago. I did level one (both of my girls did it with me) and it was a piece of cake. I was still sweaty and my heart rate got up there for a bit, but it was totally do-able, and if I actually enjoyed working out with Jillian, I probably would have done the other two levels that day....

My weight isn't budging, which is terribly annoying, but I'm feeling good, and I know it'll drop eventually.


  1. I know all about the frustration of the weight not budging. I just keep telling myself to be patient. I even did a post on it the other dat :) Great job on the run. I am really looking forward to doing my first 5k run !!!!

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Even thought the weight isn't moving right now you are obviously much more fit. When Jillian seems almost too easy, your doing pretty good;)

    Glad your able to get out there and run!
    Keep it up!

  3. You should definitely dance in the street and come over and join my onederland dance.

    Huh? Jillian? Not scary? I can't imagine.

    I think you would be the perfect person to be the 99th or 100th person to join the Hot 100. Maybe the competition for the last 100 days of 2010 will help push that scale down. You can check it out on South Beach Steve's site at http://logmyloss.com/

  4. Good job! And you so should have danced in the street. HAHAHA

    Last year I climbed a challenging trail at one of our local mountains and I reached a lofty goal I'd set for myself. When I got to the top I exclaimed something totally inappropriate very outloud - but I didn't care. I was all alone, no one knew me, and I was PUMPED! I still smile when I think about that day.