Monday, August 23, 2010

Fat Day

Have you had one of these? A day or time that you felt SO MUCH BIGGER than you really are?

I'm having one of those. I didn't step on the scale (I'm usually a daily weigh-er) today because I know I'm too vulnerable to that number, whatever it might be. So I'm avoiding the device for the next few days, while I carefully watch all that I eat, and get in my usual exercise classes.

I know why I feel so big: my food for the last few days has been less-than ideal. Lots of calories have been devoted to chocolate and useless carbs. I think it's time to get all of the chocolate I own out of my reach :) I usually can have it in the house without it causing problems for me, but lately, not so much.

If I could blame my poor choices over the last few days on something, (other than myself!!) it would have to be a lack of sleep. I've been up way too late reading very good books, but still have to get up in the morning for various reasons (kids, church, kids, and kids) so I've hit some days with a sleep deficit.

What's more fun than taking a nap for a nice recharge? Why, chocolate, of course. So Dove has been my pick-me-up. And she's truly let me down. So far down, instead of feeling like 158 pounds or so, I feel like 180 or more. And that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Unless, like me, your fat is not just on your limbs, but also in your head.


  1. I do feel fat still! It takes a while for the brain to catch up with your body!

  2. Dont worry...those bloated fat feeling days are only temporary! Hang in there. I notice too that when I put less than healthy stuff in my body I dont feel as well. Who knew that all of those years of non healthy foods made me feel so sluggish?!?!?! YOu are doing great.


  3. Mmmmm Dove. Yummy stuff!
    At least it was good chocolate you were enjoying.

    Lack of sleep can sure mess with things!
    Hope you get some sleep!!!

  4. its amazing the lag lag between how we look and how our BRAIN chooses to see us huh?

    here's to a great tuesday and hopefully you SLEPT last night.


  5. If I'm sleepy there's no telling what I'll do. It really has an effect on the choices we make. Keep your chin up girlie!

  6. Would you like to borrow some Ambien!? ;) It's amazing how much I overeat when I am tired. If only my pillow beckoned to me like the pantry does.

    Instead of eating chocolate- CALL ME! If I don't answer, tell me all about it on the message.

  7. Oh I definitely have some of those days. Lack of sleep, stress, boredom .. there are a million reasons.

    The other day you asked me a question and I forgot to get back to you - sorry! My bike commute to work is 6.5-7 miles each way depending on which route I take. It takes me about 20-25 min. to get there and 30-35 to get back (hills!). I could put a basket on my bike but firstly my teenagers would probably die laughing at me, and I ride pretty aggresively at times so I'd be afraid of things flying out. Plus my bike has a pretty short stem on the handlebars so I couldn't have anything too deep anyway.

    Thanks for the bloggy award the other day. I missed it!

  8. MMMM....Dove chocolate....yeah...that can be a problem. You're a strong woman if you keep that in your house. I actually found a bag of starburst I had hid from my kids a few years back and guess what?? I ate it and.....I was nice and shared a few pieces with my crew. :)