Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fat Pig to Fit Chick

Is that too harsh?

I'm not satisfied with the title of my blog anymore, and I need a change. I don't have 100 pounds to lose anymore!! I am more than half-way there, and I want a makeover for my blog.

As I was trying to fall asleep the other night, Fat Pig to Fit Chick was all I could come up with. I thought I'd even use a couple of farm animal graphics (trying to be creative here...), but I really don't want to offend others who are struggling with their weight.

"Fat Pig" isn't exactly a term of endearment, and I wouldn't want to be called one. In fact, I shouldn't even refer to myself that way, because it's just not very nice...but it kinda fits where I was last year. (And pigs have their cute days too, right?).

So, I need some thoughts. Am I gonna send other bloggers out there into a fit of tears by referring to my 220 pound former self as a "fat pig"?

Edit: Okay, how about Back Fat to Fit Chick? I remember the moment that I was really and truly disgusted with how big I'd gotten, and that was in the shower one day when I could feel my back fat touch itself without my even bending to the side much. Ick. Perhaps that title would be a little less harsh than Fat Pig.


  1. It's late here, but not so late that I can tell you that I'm not in love with "Fat Pig!" I do like the Fit Chick part though. Congrats on your amazing loss!

  2. Hi, come on over to my spot for a treat for you!

  3. I have to admit I don't think "fat pig" would go over well in the weight loss blogging world. Back Fat to Fit Chick sounds so much more positive. I'll keep reading no matter what you call it though.

  4. I definitely like your new blog title better than the other options, it's somehow more optimistic sounding. Personally, I think an optimistic attitude can do wonders to help you get ahead.

    Best of luck!