Friday, August 13, 2010

New Blog Title, and Pics!

I'm so excited!! I've decided on a new blog title, thanks to some gentle but firm opinions that I avoid the "fat pig" territory. Now that I know my impressionable girls glance at the computer while I'm blogging, I've realized how foolish it was to even consider name-calling (myself!) that way. SO, Foodie Gettin' Fit it is.

Ironic that I'm splaying pics of chips all over today's post, but they're SO GOOD (tasting), and not horrible (nutrition-wise). I don't eat chips often, but I made my Trader Joe's/Whole Foods run today, and everyone in the house loves these chips, so I picked up a couple of bags.

Next to these lovely crunchies, is my favorite guacamole in the world. I could smell the chopped cilantro wafting through the air as I walked through the produce section of Whole Foods and wasn't sure what contained the most of it, so I bought both. One small container of the fresh guacamole, and one large container of the pico de gallo hopped a ride in my cart. The pico is quite spicy, especially when you pile a tablespoon on each chip ;) But, it hurts so good, if ya know what I mean.

I tried to find the Carrot Cake Larabar that I saw mentioned on Amelia's blog, but our Whole Foods must not carry that flavor, so I went to the bakery and picked up a container of chocolate almond biscotti. One piece has 25 calories, and it's pretty low in sugar, so that's my treat for a while. This biscotti is SO crunchy, my teeth couldn't handle eating more than a few, so it's not a food I have to worry about over-doing.

When I look at the pic below, a song pops into my head. Anyone? Anyone? If I Like Big Butts coursed through your synapses as well, then we might be on the same page. Suffice it to say, I will not be getting a butt enhancement anytime soon. (Still can't believe that's truly a surgical option, but it is, and there's a billboard on 75 stating that, "Size Matters" referring to ladies' derrieres.

There's a spoof on that song, by the way, that my husband and I came across, and we get quite a good chuckle. This version is safe for the kiddos!

On to my rear-end shot. I have to admit, making my blog debut backside first is kinda odd. I'm still face-shy...but I'm coming around. In the meanwhile, I wanted to make a record of where I am right now: these pants are a size 12, and I bought them a few years ago. I've never actually worn them, and I actually may never do so in public! I've not worn shiny pants before; perhaps 'shiny' shouldn't be donned by a butt bigger than a size 8 or so?

We can all plainly see that I'm not a size 12 yet. The saying, "Just because you can button it, doesn't mean you should wear it" fits perfectly here. Could the seams of my underwear be any more obvious?? My big plan is to put these bad boys back on in a couple of months to (hopefully) see a nice change; and less of both my rear end and the underwear that covers it ;)


  1. I recognize that butt! ;) I would say I miss it, but I miss you, so I'll avoid referring to missing your butt. Oh, wait, I just did. O'well.



  2. Yay...a picture!! :) Can't wait to see more of you though... :)

  3. I like the new name! My better than your other choice! I know you don't love the pants picture, but a few months from now you will be glad to have it. Comparisons are fabulous!

  4. The new name is a great choice! Can't wait for more pics! :)

  5. I love Trader Joe's. They have such yummy snacks... some of them not so bad for you either!

  6. Great new name choice! And nice to uhhhhh ..... see you??? Yes, you will be happy to have that picture to compare to in a short while.