Monday, August 2, 2010

Nothing's Broken But my Pride

I'd be a wealthier woman if there'd been a video camera at our gym today...

I went for an Interval class with an instructor who finds great pleasure in driving a group full of sweaty people hard for an hour. Don't even think of picking up a water bottle for a quick swig; she doesn't stop, and she doesn't wait. And we pay her for the pleasure.

Back to my episode. Ironically enough, I crossed paths with a blog today that mentioned embarrassing gym moments. Little did I know, I could have planted my little mishap smack-dab in the middle of her post.

Our interval class involves the use of a Step for the cardio portions, combined with sections using hand weights, resistance bands (an evil device), and a weighted body bar. Sometimes the use of these tools is combined with balance exercises on the step, or simple tapping up and down on the step while doing upper body strength training.

Toward the end of the class (and after a particularly grueling round of lunges and squats) we were doing sets of soccer-drill-like-thingies that involve hopping from side to side over the narrow section of the step. Quickly.

I have done this particular move in the past, with this same instructor, during this same class before with no trouble. Perhaps the lone protein bar I'd eaten all day (4:15 pm class) wasn't cutting it for fuel. Or maybe I just got lazy. Or the tread on my shoes grew an inch while I was mid-air.

Whatever the case, I caught my right foot on the step as I was leaping over the step to the right side. My right food trapped my left foot, leaving me essentially foot-less, and 161 pounds of momentum kept the rest of my body moving at a nice clip. To the right, and toward to floor, where I landed on my right hip (the sore one, of course) just to the left of a nice lady who asked if I was alright. I'm so very thankful that I wasn't next to Big Sweaty Man today; because chivalry is not quite dead, and with my luck, he would have offered a drippy hand to help me up.

Did I mention that I howled? I screamed like the girl that I am on the way down. Not than anyone but the nice lady next to me could have heard me over the loud music. For once, I'm glad that our instructor plays the music at a decibel level that will probably bring on deafness in my 40's.

On the bright side, I got a very nice workout in, and my food was glorious today. And even better, my hip seems to be no worse for the wear.


  1. OH NO.
    and this morning?
    hope neither you nor your pride is sore.

    xo xo


  2. That sounds like something I would do. Glad nothing but your pride was hurt. Watch your step ;)

  3. I am just waiting for my day when I fall in a class at the gym. Its only a matter of time! Whats important is to get back to it and forget regardless of the bruised pride. And I am sure you will!


  4. OMG, that post could have been written by me, a reason why I mostly avoid group exercise, if everyone moves to the left, I am the lone one to move to the right.

    Glad you are no worse for the fall though!

  5. I am glad you were okay! I can see myself having exactly the same experience.

  6. lol, At least you were trying to do a dynamic move.
    I was coming down the steps out front of the gym and I 'forgot'??? there were two more steps. I just caught myself but boy did I look like a goob going down. witnessed of course by the twenty something hunk of goodness right behind me. I can't help myself...I turned and looked at him and said
    he just stared.
    he might be cute, but he has NO sense of humor.

  7. Oh man. I'm glad you're okay. I'm pretty clumsy in classes myself.

  8. Oh no! I'm glad you're alright! I am the worlds clumsiest person on the best days. I took a step class at the University, fell, got laughed at/laughed with them and kept going. At least people were nice!

  9. Oh No!!! Hope you're hip is feeling better. I hate when this happens. Yeah...it's happened to me before. Not fun....nope. ha ha!