Saturday, July 31, 2010

Warts and All

Will you love me still if I have fallen from grace?

Boy, have I fallen! After weeks and weeks of nearly pristine eating, I have really dug myself into a whole, and it started on this most recent trip out of town. My mother put a platter of chips and dip in front of us when I was hungry, and it's all been downhill since then. Right on down to the filled donuts. (My arteries are begging for mercy).

Remember my elation when I came back from my mother-in law's house and had lost a pound? Well, I was equally emotional when I came back from my mother's up a pound. These were less desirable emotions than before.

So I'm hoping to crawl out of this hole, and I know God is more than able to help. Prayers are always appreciated.

While I bare my soul, I might as well lay it all out there, right?

I was literally talking about a wart in my post title. I have a warty beauty right on my foot, and I've been fighting it for years now. No dermatologist has been able to conquer the little beast. I heard about laser wart removal, and drove an hour to a doctor who uses lasers for this purpose.

She warned me that it would hurt. Well, yes indeedy it did. She warned me it would turn black. It's grey now, and darkening by the hour. I would post a photo of it, but many of you like food as much as I do, and (as much as some of you might want help destroying your appetites) I don't want to cause involuntary regurgitation.

But I plan to update the progress of the wart removal, as well as my quest to leave this pitiful weekend of food blunders in the past...


  1. I know it seems hard to believe, but we've all done this! LOL! I'm sorry you had a struggle, both with the eating and with your foot. I will pray that you get strong and committed!

  2. I know how it feels to fall from the grace of eating well or from the work outs. Yikes...It hurts sometimes. But I believe God redeems. And just think of all the weight you have lost thus far??? We all make mistakes... even by eating those filled donuts.

    Hope the foot heals quickly,.


  3. I still have major pitfalls.... it's life. Get up today, start a new day.
    Yeah, I am doing a sprint tri. So, my breast stroke isn't going to help too much. I told myself I'd practice the free-style this week. Guess I'm still a wuss sometimes :)

  4. Stand back up and show us how it's done, I know you can!

  5. Hello. I just found your blog! It's great! Our starting points seem to be similar and so are our current weights! keep up the good work. Please take a peek at my blog if you would like. All the support we can get helps right?!