Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bye-Bye Boobies

I feel juvenile using that term. If you're a guy, feel free to skip this post as I ramble about my mammary glands.

They're shrinking. I knew they would, but having to shop for a smaller bra because the one I was wearing was beginning to laugh and snicker, "Yeah right, honey" each day was not nearly as fun as shopping for smaller pants.

I honestly don't care about bust size. If I were alone on a deserted island, being flat chested would be preferable, because boobs make running, jumping, and shimmying down trees less feasible.

But since I don't live on a deserted island (and hardly ever shimmy down a tree, for that matter), I am inclined to appreciate what God gave me, because my husband appreciates what God gave me. It's not much, but it'll do, and now it's less than before.

Fortunately, I'm shrinking in proportion to the rest of my body, however. I began to realize that if I kept the boobs I had while heavy, I'd begin to look fake; top-heavy; like the ladies at the gym who have been altered. And I'm all about being natural, so I should be happy about this, right?


  1. Right! Enjoy those smaller boobies as you get smaller and fitter. I'm in the same position as you are. I've been working at losing weight for months now, and the boobs that have gotten bigger as I did, are now going to get smaller. Oh well, "we" enjoyed them while they lasted. :-)

  2. :)
    sixth grade.
    alas youd never know that by checking out the, uh, girls these days :)
    when I lost weight it all came from there first.

    youll have that I guess :)


  3. You are right! Natural is much better :) I know what you mean about having less on top. When I was nursing boy oh boy....I think that is where all my weight went. ha ha. Now I don't have an excuse about having extra weight up in my boobies. ha ha. :)

    Your goal weight is 120? I'm going to try to aim for that but I would be happy at 130! I was 120 in college so I don't know if I can get that low. We'll see.


  4. Right there with you!
    I used to complain about mine getting in the way. I was in sports all the time and they did make things a little more difficult.

    But now that they are shriking I'm a bit sad.
    I don't mind a little smaller, I just hoping that they don't get too small.

  5. Shrinking doesn't just happen in one area of our body. :( I totally relate to this. But better than the alternative I suppose. Congratulations on all you have accomplished.

  6. I'm still waiting on mine to decide to shrink- their lack of cooperation means I still need to big button shirts! I just found your blog, hope you don't mind if I follow along :)

  7. The boobs are the first to go when I lose weight but I'm ok with it, I don't need to be shimmying down trees either.

  8. I would love if the boobage would leave, but sadly mine has decided to take permanent residence. 106 lbs down and my bra size hasn't changed. How sad is that?! I have decided when I get to my goal weight I am TOTALLY getting a breast reduction as these bad boys are already causing me grief in the upper back and shoulder area - especially since I took up running.