Thursday, July 1, 2010

Off to Grandmother's House We Go

Travelling and not losing my momentum has been a real challenge in the past. I don't know if it's because trips were one of the times I was allowed to eat junk food growing up, or just because I feel justified in taking a "vacation" from my healthy eating plan too. But in either case, I have to really plan not to make a mess of things when I travel.

Add travelling to staying with in-laws, and we have a recipe for some real upsets if I'm not super careful!

I'll be bringing protein bars with me when we go so that I always have a measured quantity of food that will fill me up and keep me on the straight and narrow. Other than that, I'll probably visualize some difficult situations and plan how I'll deal with them before-hand.

The fact that my kids are "clean eaters" is a real help to me though. They don't eat any of the typical junk foods that I might enjoy, so just knowing that they're watching how Mommy eats should help keep me accountable. My husband is also a healthy eater, so he's always good company when everyone else in our extended family is downing the stuff that's not part of our usual fare.

The best part of my plan? I've got a work-out plan in the works. My gym has reciprocal privileges with others around the country (Gold's) so I plan to go to a couple of classes.

How about you? During vacations; especially ones to places where you have little control over the menu, what tricks do you use to increase the chances that you'll come home with a proud smile on your face?


  1. I think that you have some really solid ideas. I do all those things that you are doing and by now everyone knows that I'm going to exercise so we just plan for it! Have a wonderful time!

  2. Good luck on your trips. It is harder to eat on trips but usually easier to find activities.

  3. You sound really prepared for this trip. Eating healthy on trips or when family is in town is always difficult for me. It's awesome you are able to look to you children for inspiration. Not everyone can say that. Be proud sister! :)