Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Sweaty Men

I usually am not bothered by them. But I've learned to steer clear of them at the gym during group fitness classes. Not because they're any smellier than I am, mind you, but because they share the wealth...

Their wealth of perspiration. If this weren't a health hazard, I wouldn't mind so much. But I am a germ conscious person, and when the guy in front of me flings a few droplets ON MY LIPS while he's kicking 'corner to corner' on his step? Well that's just too much for me to take.

I thought this was an isolated incident, so I didn't think to much of it when an entirely different guy plopped down on a bike next to mine in a spin class. There's not much arm flinging that goes on in those classes, so I thought I was safe.

Well this guy got rather enthusiastic toward the end of our class and clapped his drippy hands up high. Where did his sweat fly? Right at my water bottle which was happily perched in front of my bike in the cup holder thingy. I was so darn thirsty too.

So if you're a guy at my gym, who takes a position near mine during a class, please don't be offended if I surreptitiously relocate. I just can't take it anymore


  1. ick.
    and Im a sweater, too----but not like that :)


  2. Yuck! I'm right there with you. To all, please keep your icky drippy sweat to yourself!

  3. We have a serious sweater at the office gym. The sweat pools beneath the bike on the floor when he's pedaling.