Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sporting a Nursing Shirt, and I'm Not, eh-hem, Nursing Anyone

I'm back in town, but while I was packing, realized that I'm running terribly short on shirts that fit. Many are too big. Many are too small, and I didn't really want to do laundry while we were away, so I packed an old nursing shirt that fits right now and looks cute.

Fortunately, my 7 year old didn't remember it; nor did she look at my chest and salivate. My husband is another matter ;)

So, what's better than an evening out without the kids with the man of your dreams at the Melting Pot??? (Where I ate all four courses... and my husband can't eat gluten so I gobbled up all those unhealthy but very yummy dipping treats for the chocolate with no competition)?

Coming back home to see a new low weight on the scale!!!

I have a hunch though, when it comes to figuring out how that happened, in spite of our fondue-fun.

Although I ate well, and didn't really eat more than my share of the 4th of July festivity-food, I did work out. I ran three miles on my treadmill at home the day we left. Then I ran three more on my sister-in-law's treadmill a couple days later. Which, by the way, must have a minuscule incline to it even when it's set to zero, so I think I worked harder than I usually do.

But the real deal involves my first outdoor run in, oh, about 15 years. I don't know what got into me. Perhaps the slight incline of the borrowed treadmill. Or maybe it was the lack of a fan to blow on my face (my treadmill has one of those built into it, and it is AWESOME!) that drove me to run outside in South Florida at noon.

Let's see: treadmill inside with A/C and overhead fan, or outside with no fan (barring the breeze brought on by the plethora of passing cars) on one of the hottest days of the year in the tropics. I earn every one of my blond hairs on some days.

I didn't know how far to go, so I just decided to run out for 20 minutes, and then run back. The kicker was that the slight headwind that kept my face from burning, disappeared on the way home (with the cars at my back) and my upper arms started getting chills. I was wondering about heat stroke, and if goose-flesh is one of the symptoms. The clouds that formed a nice overcast layer when I left, miraculously parted and I got a sunburn on my chest.

My husband is not a runner, and when he spots someone running along the road he jokes, "Where's the fire?!"

Well, two fire trucks passed me on Del Prado while I ran, and I wanted to chuckle, but was too hot to expend the extra energy. He told me later that he heard them too, and was worried that I'd killed myself running. I was the only runner out that day...At first I thought that was just because elderly folks don't seem to run that often. But then two young bikers rode by. And now I have come to believe that only an idiot (or a natural blond?) would opt for a mid-day run in South Florida in July.

But I sweated. A lot. And this may be how I lost the weight this vacation :)


  1. Way to go! I am sure your hard work made you loose the weight, sweating helps too though :) have a GREAT weekend!!!

  2. Well if your gonna do on a hot day then do it right and pick the hottest day and burn as much as you would in two days! Way to go.

    Sounds like it paid off having blond hair. ;)

    Funny about the fire trucks!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great job! I love that you got out there and did it! Awesome.

  4. Awesome job girl! Your hard work is paying off for sure! Those salivating husbands get me everytime! ;)