Saturday, July 17, 2010

Icky, Sticky, Potty Seat Covers

They're just one of the things you'll encounter at Six Flags!

We took our girls for a fun day at the park. It was a mere 95 degrees in the shade, but daunted, we were not.

What happened right before my favorite hat flew off my head? My husband told me I shouldn't worry about my hat flying off my head, so no need to take it off. There it lay, in the grass below the tracks of the roller coaster, looking helpless while I gave my husband evil looks for doubting my wisdom in gauging the risk of high-hat-removing-winds on a roller coaster...

Then, after sweating a fair amount, the girls and I stopped in the ladies room as we all needed a little relief. I took Little One with me, and Big One took the stall next to ours. I dutifully placed the paper potty cover on the seat, and plopped LO on the pot. After she peed, she and the cover stood up. Together. As in, they took vows to never part ways, no matter how much swatting, picking, scrubbing I did with a nice clean wad of toilet paper.

So I was left using my previously clean fingers to pick little pieces of potty-cover-paper-laced-with-kid-sweat off my daughter's rear end and upper thighs.

But I still had to pee, so not learning from history, I too, sat on the seat neatly covered by a paper protector. And it stuck to me too (amazing!). But for some reason, even though I was just as sweaty, if not more, the paper came off in one piece instead of 3,000. Fortunately, Little One was there in the stall to verify that I was pulling my shorts up over a paper-free behind.

I asked Big One about her experience, and she too was accosted by her potty cover. There must be a way around this...

In better and more fun news, I'm almost in the 150's!!!! This, despite taking three whole days off from working out. I haven't done that in months, but I really needed the break. I almost shrieked when I hopped on the scale today! Reward massage, here I come!


  1. My fmily has experienced the same icky sticky potty seat covers here at our zoo.
    Such Fun!

    I hope that you and your family hada great time inspite of loosing the hat and the seat cover attacks!

    Congrats on hitting the 150's !

  2. I hate public restrooms! Good you used the seat covers even if they were yucky! Sounds like you had a great time. I'm so happy that you are in the 150's!

  3. Thanks for the visit! Wow....almost to the 150's....that is awesome! I just started this weight loss thingy and I haven't done so well. I will definitely keep you on my list of blogs to check. Do you have pictures of yourself? I always like to see the progress. I had some pics taken of me this past weekend and ugh...not a pretty sight. Even though my hubby thinks I'm a beauty...and only says we both need to get thinner whenever I say...I AM SO ROUND! ha ha! :)

  4. Congrats on the weight loss. I've been there! Not sure where in the country you are, but man...it's hot everywhere right now!!!

  5. Oh wow - congrats on your amazing weight loss!!! I can't even imagine the 150s, though I won't give up until I get there! I'm all about massages - especially reward ones! Yay for treating yourself right!!!

    I'm glad you found my blog so that I could find yours! =)