Monday, June 7, 2010

3 Mile Run and a Pic

I hopped on the ole treadmill for a 3 mile jog yesterday, and it actually felt pretty great! I think the cardio work I've been getting at the gym has really helped me use oxygen more efficiently. Less gasp, more huff.

I started off at 5 mph, and worked my way up to 5.3 at the end. The entire she-bang took me 35 minutes. Since I'd like to do a 10K race next summer, and perhaps even a triathlon, I figure I should start keeping track of my pace-progress. I'm still feeling a little shame about my slow pace. I used to be ashamed of my 10-minute mile pace during soccer season in high school, and I can't come close to that now. Oh well. At least I have a goal in mind, right?

The best part? I burned 450 calories, and used most of them up on a big hunk of Irish Cheddar cheese. Tisk, tisk.

Although my weight has been fluctuating (mostly in the UP direction) lately, I am feeling a little less self-conscious about swinging my derriere around at Zumba class. Our gym is doing "summer" themes this summer (you don't say!), and pictures were taken of us this last Friday night. And posted. On Facebook.

I'm not one to complain or anything, but the gym prohibits the use of camera-phones for "privacy" reasons. Should this not extend to the classes themselves? Where some of us are wearing skin-tight pants, and contorting our bodies into the least ladylike positions known to man?

Well, I'm past all this now, and since I'm on the web, I figured I should share the fun here too: I'm that tiny figure in the blue shirt, over on the right side of the photo, a few rows back. What you can't see, is the Zumba scarf I'm wearing on my backside that jingles when I shake and shimmy. Many of the ladies wear these scarves, and I love that they'll all throw reason to the wind, and be willing to make idiots of themselves along with me, all in the name of fitness and fun!


  1. Sounds like a fun class! My gym has signs for it too, but I have no idea what it is?

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. Hey - I can't believe they put a picture up on facebook without everyone's permission. It's not like your gym is a public place. Anyway, it looks like a fun class and good for you on just embracing the whole thing!!

  3. Zumba is such a fun class! I can't believe they took pics and posted them on facebook though. You should be proud of that time. 35 minutes isn't bad at all!

  4. Amber, GO!! Zumba is like a latin dance combo class. It's cardio, with very little muscle work, but you'll burn off a good hunk of calories in an hour without really realizing you're working out. More like 'playing-out'!

  5. hey! thanks for the support. and congrats on your amazing progress. very inspiring, to say the least!

  6. You really look tiny. I love treadmill versatility. It is very handy.