Monday, June 14, 2010

Protein Bar Advice Needed

Check out that ticker! I may be solidly in the 160's after all. After hitting 169.8 for the first time yesterday, I was prepared to see a hop back and forth into the 170's for a while, but perhaps I was wrong, and I'm done seeing that nasty little 7! One can hope :)

So I have a protein bar dilemma that I was hoping one of you might be able to help me solve.

I'm picky. Not with most nutritious foods, mind you. But with what I'll probably eat on a daily basis, I need to be selective. I am a protein bar junky- meaning, I eat one for most breakfasts. It's easy, and cranky-hungry-must-eat-now me, can handle unwrapping a bar, first thing, rather than whipping up some gourmet and healthy breakfast that I know many of you do on a regular basis. I'm just not there yet. Hence, my reliance on protein bars. Plus, I'm a night owl, so when I'm running late in the morning (which is usually the case) I can easily grab a bar on my way out the door, and eat it in the car. Try doing that with your gourmet breakfast, would ya?

Anyhoo, I do have standards:

  • It can't taste too much like dog poo
  • It can't be soy-based (if it has a little soy protein, fine, but the main protein should be something else)
  • It can't be sugar-laden
  • It can't have artificial sweeteners. I'm okay with a little sugar alcohol, or chicory root extract.
  • It should have close to 20 grams of protein
  • It should have some fiber
  • It shouldn't be over 250 calories, or so
  • It shouldn't have artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

So, I said I was picky.

Know of anything that fits these criteria??? I would be so very grateful for your input!


  1. not sure if it meets all your criteria but I like fibre one bars, they are my favorite go to and I actually keep one in my purse.
    Great job on breaking the 170's that's awesome! Congrats!

  2. Wow - you are picky. I am not a protein bar person, BUT Lori at www.findingradiance.com is! so if you don't get a good answer here head over there and ask her.

  3. Thanks ladies! MizFit, those custom bars are something else, and they do still exist!! It got me interested in making my own, since the prices are so steep elsewhere. Once I settle on a recipe, I should be in business :)