Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm a Food Sneak

Not the kind I used to be: sneaking food behind the backs of my children, husband, friends, and parents. Boy, have I eaten my share of calories in junk food behind the backs of others.

The kind of food I've been sneaking lately has all been healthy. I sneak some extra protein into a smoothie, or some extra fiber into my oatmeal. I sneak Omega-3 oils in the form of a capsule, because I really can only eat so much salmon.

I snuck some eggs into my girls today, in the form of "bread pudding". I didn't really know what to call it, so that's what it became. My oldest daughter (almost 9) asked me if I was using a recipe. "Yes", I said. (My own, as I make it up, loosly based on something I may have seen in Fannie Farmer!). She was skeptical about what I was making, and didn't want me to force her to try something she might hate. Like spinach, gasp!

I snuck in a bunch of 'heal' ends of the loaves of bread I was saving for the birds :) Sorry, birds! My girls ate your whole wheat crustiness without even knowing it.

I snuck in 6 eggs, a bunch of cinnamon, some nutmeg, and a couple of bananas. Then I threw in a handful of raisins and about 1/4 cup chicory root extract, and baked it all for about 40 minutes.

They LOVED it. There's only one serving left, which may be split between them for breakfast before church tomorrow.

I wonder if I could get some spinach in there next time without their knowing???


  1. Hey, I like that! I need to try that for my kiddos. My boys will eat eggs but my daughter won't and none of them will eat the bread ends! I think I'll try that
    Great idea!

  2. bread pudding is my favorite dessert on earth (which is why i can never make it).

    and i know what you mean about sneaking. it's funny to me when i binge i have to be completely alone?!

    thanks for your support on my blog! i know what you mean about those 100 calorie packs. just knowing they exist annoys me. when you said keeping the bad stuff out of the house helped you, maybe more than anything, it really made me think that i NEED to keep on with keeping it out!!!

  3. Aren't you clever! That sounds really great - I haven't had bread pudding in years.